“Eh, wine isn’t for atas people only lah”

Serious one. It’s what we believe.
It’s exactly who we are.
We’re not atas people to begin with.
We’re just three brothers who enjoy wine immensely (hence the name lah).
We enjoy it so much that we travel the world to check out different wineries, so we know what to bring in. And we want to share the joys of wine appreciation with anyone.

We literally mean everyone.

Whether you’re someone who wine also haven’t tried before,
a drinker who says “Haiya, what for I know what I’m drinking, if taste nice then OK dy loh”, a generous friend who’s looking for a great bottle to bring to a party, or a connoisseur who knows more than us (means atas lah), we’re the bros who will bring you the very best of what the world of wine has to offer.

No budget is too small, or too big.

We hope you find what you’re looking for here.
If you want to come look-see, we’re more than eager
to host you at our wine room (housed within a 2nd-generation owned herbal store, which makes us cooler than most, we think). So we do can some sipping and a lot of chatting.
We jio you already, so see you OK?

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